Police Department

Police Department

158 Main Street
P.O. Box 7
Rindge, NH 03461
Emergency - Dial 911

Police Station - 603-899-5009
Cheshire County Dispatch - 603-355-2000
Fax - 603-899-2103

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Citizens and Guests,

Welcome to the Rindge Police Department webpage. We are pleased to be updating our site in our on-going effort to provide our citizens and guests with valuable law enforcement related information and resources. Although our site is not yet as sophisticated and technologically advanced as some, it is as Neil Armstrong once said, “One small step…”

Above you will find “Click Boxes” such as Staff, Files and Documents, and News and Notices. You will also find “Additional Information and Resources” such as Annual Reports, and our anchor Mission, Vision, and Values Statements. One link to point out is “Crime Logs”. This link will provide brief summaries of police calls for service in Rindge similar to what is frequently found in newspaper “Crime Blotters”.  We intend to update the Crime Logs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.

We invite you to explore our site and visit it on a routine basis to see changes, updates, and obtain information on crime trends, the latest fraud scams, and safety concerns. We will also be creating a photo gallery to spotlight our employees, community policing efforts, and accomplishments.

The Rindge Police Department has much to share with our community and we want to ensure we are meeting your needs. Please feel free to provide us with your suggestions on how we can improve our webpage. Your opinions are important to us!

Provide your input at: rindgepolice@police.rindge.nh.us

Thank you!


The website Safewise recently named The Town of Rindge as the 13th safest town in New Hampshire based on the most recent FBI Crime Report data.  This is worth bragging about considering the fact that there are a total of 234 communities in New Hampshire.  It also is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of the men and women of the police department, our town government and staff, citizen groups such as the Rindge Crime Watch, and collaborations with local schools, churches, and businesses.  Most of all is speaks to the good nature of our citizens.  We should all be proud.

This feeds into the observations I have made during my time as Chief of Police.  I see Rindge as an incredibly safe and charming community whose policing needs are expanding and evolving.  My goal is to lead the Rindge Police Department in providing outstanding policing services in a manner that blends “hometown values” with modern law enforcement strategies and community policing techniques.  My priorities as Chief of Police are threefold:

  1. Customer Service – This is a multifaceted priority that embodies the essence of “To Protect and Serve”.  We have all sworn an oath.  This means we have a moral and ethical obligation to provide the most comprehensive law enforcement services we can.  We pledge to do so in a professional, courteous, and respectful manner.
  2. Officer Safety – This includes ensuring we are performing our duties as safely as possible through the use of proper tactics, sound decision making and planning, utilization of safety equipment, and maintaining a thorough knowledge of the law, procedures, and national standards for best law enforcement practices.
  3. Professional Development – This is ensuring each member of our agency is developed to their fullest potential through continuous education, training, and mentoring.  Professional development expands expertise and abilities, improves morale, enhances employee satisfaction and productivity, creates an elevated level of customer service, and fosters community trust and support.

Together, the men and women of the Rindge Police Department, in collaboration with our community members, will endeavor to legitimize our Mission and Vision Statements and uphold our core values of Honor, Integrity, Courage, and Respect.  We will face many challenges, but they will not deter us from striving for excellence in the services we provide each and every time we interact with our citizens and our guests.  Together we will persevere and move the agency in a positive direction.

I would like to personally thank the men and women of the Police Department, Town Staff, The Board of Selectmen, and citizens of Rindge for their dedication to keeping our community safe and welcoming for all to enjoy.  

Very respectfully,

Todd A. Muilenberg

Chief of Police

Our Website is under construction.  We appreciate your patience while we complete our changes. 

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Town of Rindge, NH

30 Payson Hill Rd | Rindge, NH 03461

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