Planning Board

Public Hearing Notice for Zoning Amendments

Planning Board

Posted Nov 30, 2017

Date:     November 30, 2017                         

From:   Susan Hoyland                              

    Planning Secretary

RE:         Zoning Amendments





Notice is hereby given, in accordance with RSA 675:3 (II) & RSA 675:7, that on Tuesday,  December 19, 2017  at 7:00pm at Rindge Town Hall in the Selectmen’s meeting Room, the Planning Board will hold a public hearing to consider the following amendments to the Rindge Zoning Ordinance.  Following the public hearing, the Planning Board will decide which amendments will be placed on the Town Meeting Warrant.


  1. To amend the Town of Rindge Zoning Ordinance by eliminating Article III, (General Provisions)  Section G.5.  This amendment is intended to eliminate redundancies in the State RSA’s and the Town of Rindge Zoning Ordinance.


To amend Article V (Residential-Agricultural District) , Section A.1, (Uses Permitted) to allow for Home Based Businesses. This amendment is intended to clarify and ease restrictions on home based businesses to allow reasonable uses through a conditional use permit through the Planning Board while setting parameters. “Home Based Businesses”, which would include “Building and Service Trades”, are currently allowed by Special Exception and are subject to Site Plan Review.  It is the Planning Board’s intention to eliminate the need for an applicant wishing to start a Home Based Business to appear before two boards thereby lessening the time and cost associated with an approval.




The proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendments in their entirety may be viewed on the town’s website (


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