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Conservation Commission

Posted Dec 30, 2017

The Rindge Conservation Corps is a group of active volunteers that assists the Conservation Commission with its responsibility of maintaining and preserving Rindge’s natural resources.  The Conservation Corps is composed of residents, non-residents and students who want to enhance the quality of life in Rindge by focusing on development and/or improvements to conservation areas, hiking trails and other environmental protection or educational activity.

Working with and under the direction of the Conservation Commission the Conservation Corps will help improve Town Conservation areas.  Each member or alternate Commission member will oversee the work/enhancement to a specific conservation area and work with Conservation Corps members.  Corps members may serve to enhance a specific conservation area or for conservation lands in general and are encouraged to recruit others to assist with their conservation area (i.e. Tetreault Park, Converse Meadows).  Groups of Corps members may also be formed to focus on a specific area. 

Corps members who focus on a specific area will make recommendations for improvements to that area and will assist in carrying them out with the approval of the Conservation Commission.  Each year the Commission will collect recommendations for improvements from Corps members and will then prioritize work for the year based on funding and resources.

Some of the responsibilities of the Corps will be the following (in concert and with the approval of the Commission):

  • Improvements to conservation areas (i.e. building bridges, removal of brush, etc.)
  • Hiking, snowshoe or cross-country ski trails, marking trails and trail openings.
  • Run outdoor educational programs such as trail events
  • Run indoor educational programs featuring speakers or films of environmental protection
  • Assist the Commission in town-wide programs
  • Assist the Commission with improvements to conservation areas
  • Assist with fund raising activities as needed
  • Walking trails in a specific conservation area on a regular basis and reporting to the Commission area on conditions.
  • Assist partner organizations (i.e. Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, Monadnock Conservancy) with joint efforts to improve Rindge’s natural resources

To volunteer, a person simply applies to the Rindge Conservation Commission (forms will be available at the Town Office or on the Town’s Conservation Commission web page or by printing this document).  Their name will be added to an email list for communication purposes. The Commission’s Secretary will maintain lists of Corps members and will email them as appropriate.  Corps members are welcome to attend Commission meetings.


The Corps may be broken into groups that work on particular Town Conservation areas such as Tetreault Park, Converse Meadow or any of the other areas.  

Request to Join the Rindge Conservation Corps

Of the

Rindge NH Conservation Commission


I would like to join the Rindge Conservation Corps. 

Date: _________________________________

Name (please print) ___________________________________________________________

Street Address________________________________________________________________

Town____________________________________  State ____________________ Zip Code _________

Home Phone ____________________________      Cell Phone _______________________________

Email Address __________________________________________________

I would like to be part of a team that works to improve the following conservation areas (check interested areas):

_______ Contoocook Marsh Conservation Complex, including Rogers’ Landing

_______ Converse Meadows

_______ Merriam Hunt Forest

_______ Tetreault Park

_______ Town Forest

_______ Sandback Wilderness

_______ All conservation areas

Text Box: Please list any personal conservation interests:
Text Box: Please list any skills you have that may be helpful to the Conservation Corps:

Please leave the completed form at the Town Office’s Conservation Commission mailbox.

Town of Rindge, NH

30 Payson Hill Rd | Rindge, NH 03461

(603) 899-5181