Capital Improvement Program Committee

Capital Improvement Program Committee

The Capital Improvment Program Committee was appointed by the Board of Selectmen, after Town Meeting approved the formation of the Committee in 2003.

A Capital Improvement Program, or CIP, is an important tool municipalities can utilize to help manage growth and development pressures. The preparation of a CIP is a combined planning and financial operation which details how and when expenditures should be made for essential public improvements. The Rindge definition of a capital project or facility is one with a cost of at least $10,000.

The purpose of a CIP is to strengthen a town’s ability to forecast the need for various capital improvement projects over a period of six years or more. It is an actual plan that lays out a budget and schedule of municipal expenditures. The plan shows when, how, and at what cost the town expects to expand and/or maintain its services and facilities in the future. The CIP takes into account municipal expense and revenue trends, net valuation and taxes, and the impact capital spending has on the tax rate.

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