Determining Assistance

The formula is simple: INCOME - EXPENSE = ASSISTANCE
However, some income and expenses are not figured in.

Income is: Earned income, TANF, SSI, SSDI retirement money, savings accounts, checking accounts, and liquid stocks and bonds.

Expenses include your BASIC NEEDS: Rent, electric, food, landline OR cell phone, medications, heat, first $250 of car payment, mandated insurance, child support payments, childcare payments, emergency vehicle repairs to maintain employment.

Expenses not considered NEED will not be used in figuring assistance.
Examples: pet food or grooming, second vehicle payments or insurance, cable, internet, trash pick-up, eye glasses, dentures, fines, legal fees, moving expenses, non-emergency repairs, rent-to-own, credit cards, or tuition expenses.

If the Welfare Officer directs you to apply for assistance at other agencies, you are required to comply by contacting the resources. Non-compliance will result in suspension of assistance.