Public Building Safety Committee

Public Building Safety Committee

There are four basic tasks the Public Safety Building Committee must accomplish by December 1, 2005 , as follows:

  1. Recommend a firm or firms to produce a topographical and property line boundary survey, wetland delineation report, a subsurface investigation, and a conceptual design for the building.
  2. Make a determination as to the need to acquire additional property.
  3. Make a recommendation to the Selectmen whether to have an architect prepare plans for the facility or to proceed with a design build option.
  4.  Estimate what the total cost of the project will be, including additional land costs, if required.
It should be noted that the Committee would be responsible for making presentations at public meetings and providing a clear statement supporting the project, including the need for the facility, a description of the facility, and the cost of the project. This is the vehicle that would be utilized to obtain public support. If the project is ultimately approved by the voters, the Committee would be responsible for overseeing the construction of the facility.

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