Town of Rindge, NH

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to obtain a library card?

Please bring in some identification such as a driver's license or bill that shows your current address.

Do you have public access computers?

Yes, we have seven (6) public access computers with Internet and printing capabilities. The cost to print is $.25 per page for black & white and $1.00 per page if it is a  full color page.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes, You may use wireless computers here at the library and our Wi-Fi is available 24/7 on library property.

Do you have Downloadable books?

Yes, We belong to the NH Downloadable Consortium which offers ebooks and audiobooks. You must be a patron of the Ingalls Memorial Library in good-standing and use your library card number along with our prefix number at to check out items. 

Do you have museum passes?

Yes, we have passes to local attractions. Some have tickets that you need to return to our library. These are the passes that we currently have: Cheshire Children's Museum (expires 12/31/2016); SEE Science Center (expires 9/27/2016); Fort at No. 4 (expires 7/10/2017); and the American Textile Museum (no expiration date). These passes have been sponsored by the Friends of Ingalls Library.

Where do I return my books and DVD's ?

You may place books into the book drop located at the main entrance of the lower level on the side of the building and we have a separate free standing media drop for DVD's and CD's located to the right of the book drop outside the building. When we are open we prefer you bring items into the building and into either the Children's Room or to the Adult section o the main level of the library.

Do you have a fax machine or photocopier?

Yes, We have both of these. The Fax machine is operated by library staff and the cost is $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for subsequent pages. Incoming faxes are $.25 per page. A photocopier is available and the cost is $.10 per page and you may use this yourself.

Do you charge fines?

On some items we do have a late fee. DVD's and Electronic Resources (Games) are assessed at $1.00 per day per late item.

What else do you have besides books at the library?

Besides books we have: DVD's, CD's (music and books on tape), puzzles, puppets, local newspapers, magazines, museum passes, Tax forms, downloadable books, large print books, Kill-O-Watt meters, Legos, Games (board & electronic) and a bird and animal display on our upper level.

Do you have meeting spaces available?

We do not have a meeting room but hope to get another addition to the library and in those plans we do intend to have a meeting room. We do not have any private areas to have meetings but we do have some smaller areas that people can use. You may contact the library if you need a small area and check on availability.

Do you have any book groups?

Yes, we do have a adult Classic Book group that meets monthly. Children's book groups are available in the Children's Room and you may call for more information about these groups. We also know of other outside groups if you would like to know of these please call for more information.

Do you have IRS tax forms

Yes, we do get an array of IRS tax forms or if we have run out of these forms we can help you get on-line to find the form you need.

Can you get me books the library doesn't own?

Yes, in most cases we can do an inter-library loan through the NH State Library and obtain items that the library doesn't own. This could be DVD's as well as CD's.

Can I renew my own books or find out which books you own on-line?

Yes, you may link to the Ingalls Memorial Library card catalog from the Town website or find us on the Internet at To renew you will need your library card number and password but to just use the card catalog you won't need your card number or password.

Does your library have a Friends of the Library Group

Yes we do. Please call the library to check on the meeting day and time.

Are we handicap compliant?

Yes, We have an elevator located in the Children's Room that goes up to the main level and bathroom.

Do you have a Facebook page?

Not at this time.

Town of Rindge, NH

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