Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum occupancy of the Rindge Recreation Building?

The total capacity of the full building is 150 persons.  However, we suggest you do not plan for any more than 100 for your events where you will be seated at tables. 

Note: Current capacity limit of 51 until further notice due to Covid-19

My event at the Rindge Recreation Building will be two hours long, do I have to pay rental time for set-up and clean-up time too?

You will only be charged for your event time at the Rindge Recreation Building; you will not be charged for set-up or clean-up time as long as the building is available.

What is the required deposit to hold my date for an event at the Rindge Recreation Building?

$100 secures your date for your event at the Rindge Recreation Building.

How many tables and chairs are available for our event to be held at the Recreation Building?

At the Rindge Recreation Building there are approximately 14 gray folding tables (8' x 2.5') and 125 dark gray folding chairs.  Please call to confirm these are on-site and readily available for your event if needed. 603-899-6847

Are table clothes provided for our event at the Rindge Recreation Building?

No.  You must provide your own linens for your event at the Rindge Recreation Building.

What is available to us if we include in our rental the use of the Rindge Recreation Building Kitchen?

The Rindge Recreation Building Kitchen is equipped with: a 6 burner gas stove with an oven, a 3 bay stainless steel sink, a microwave oven, 1/2 of the commercial size refrigerator, several coffee pots, punch bowls, plates, silverware, and cooking utensils.  There is an additional $25 fee to use the kitchen.

What kind of clean-up am I responsible for if I rent the Rindge Recreation Building?

When you rent the Rindge Recreation Building, you agree to remove all trash from the premises; wash and store all dishes and utensils used; wipe down all counters, chairs, and tables; sweep the floor; and leave the building as you found it. Special Covid-19 procedures in place until further notice, posted at Recreation Department.

May we use the audio-visual equipment when we rent the Rindge Recreation Building?

The audio-video equipment is not regularly available to rental groups of the Rindge Recreation Building.  With special approval from the Recreation Director and with prior training in it's use, portions of the a-v equipment may be used at no additional cost to you.  The system is not a "home theater" system, and requires an understanding of it's uniqueness before it can be used safely. We would prefer you to bring in your own equipment.

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