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Posted Thu, Sep 10 at 09:30am

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To receive an absentee ballot you will first need to fill out the Absentee Ballot request form.  Follow this link to go to the fillable form.  https://sos.nh.gov/media/smdja... Print this out and bring to the office or mail it. We will need an original signature on each form for each voter.  Once we receive the completed form we will either hand you the ballot in the office or mail it out to you that day.  The instructions will be with it, as well as 2 envelopes to return it to us at the office.  The smaller envelope will need to be signed and then all documents and that envelope will need to go in the largest envelope.  You will then mail it back to us or hand it to us at the office.  You MAY NOT drop it in the drop box.  It must be mailed or hand delivered to the Town Clerk or her Deputy.  You can follow your ballot on the sos.nh.gov website. If you do not see activity in 48 hours, please let us know.  We will follow up and try to find out what needs to be done.

DEADLINE for Absentee Ballots is 5pm the day of election. Remember they must be mailed or handed to the Town Clerk or Deputy.  We will check the mail after 1pm and be at the office at 4:55pm on the day of election to receive any ballots that may come in at that late hour.

If you have any further questions, please email me at townclerk@town.rindge.nh.us or call 603-899-5181 x107.

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