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Feral Swine Alert

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Posted Dec 11, 2018

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The United States Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services – NH is reaching out to towns in New Hampshire to distribute information about feral swine damage and management.


Wildlife Services supports the National Wildlife Disease Program’s feral swine disease surveillance and monitoring efforts through biological sampling of swine and population monitoring. For the past ten years NH Wildlife Services has assisted with the removal and management of an emergent population of feral swine in NH. However, even a small population of feral swine cause damage to pastures, lawns, and crops as well as affect native animal and plant communities. Feral swine are an invasive species in the U.S. that cause billions of dollars in agricultural damage annually. Feral swine can be host to as many as thirty different pathogens and thirty-seven different parasites which are a significant disease threat to pets, livestock, wildlife, and humans, They also out-compete native wildlife for food, and may prey upon amphibians, reptiles, wild turkeys, deer fawns, grouse, and other ground nesting birds and their eggs.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by email or by the phone numbers listed below. Thank you for your consideration, Nick Kucia Wildlife Specialist USDA Wildlife Services 59 Chenell Dr. Suite 7 Concord, NH 03301 Office: 603.223.6832 Cell: 603.892.4050 Email: 

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