Welcome to the Town of Rindge Department of Welfare. Public Assistance was developed to provide temporary assistance to citizens experiencing economic hardship. Eligibility is based on a number of factors. If you are found eligible, the Welfare Department can assist you with such things as one-time rent payments, help with electricity, or paying for some medications. You are required to repay the Town of Rindge any assistance you receive once you are returned to an income-producing status. The repayment amount is set to an amount that will not create additional financial hardship.

You may apply for assistance once per month for the month we are currently in. It is your responsibility to reapply if you think you may need future assistance. You need to bring a new application and supporting documents to each appointment. Assistance payments are paid directly to the vendor and not to you. At the end or your appointment, you will receive a Notice of Decision stating if assistance has been granted or denied and the reasons for the decision.


Staff Contacts

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Mary Drew Welfare Director